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The Company

Our company, Innovation Business Network Ltd based in London, has been the main object of the Internet advertising and business promotion, as well as build website.

Our active presence in Greece since 1996 up to the end of 2013 and now from our new company in England, we advertise and serve all these years over 2,750 different companies, in more than 20 Islands in Greece.

We analyze the needs and objectives of your company, and we provide accordingly judge, advertising or promotion needs to be done, but at the same time and the amount of money that should be spent to have a similar effect.

Advertising and promotional needs of each business, more often differ, and this makes our task even more difficult, especially when we need to convince the trader about what should be done in order to have sufficient results.

However, many times this leads many entrepreneurs to not accept our opinion and they follow their own techniques and moves, which they believe will bring them the results they desire. Most of the times, of course, many of these entrepreneurs make significant errors, resulting in needlessly spreading money, without any substantial result.

Our company comes to find solutions, to suggest ideas to implement and put into practice your aim. Follow us...

Our company specializes in the following areas

Creative and print advertising

Create graphic applications, logos, business card, brochures, card postal, poster, Multi-page forms and any other design you need...

Internet advertising

You can advertise your business on the Internet. This means websites (which we provide). Depending on the type and location of your business, we will propose you the best showing in any of our websites in order to have the best possible results. At this time we operate many different websites with different content, so we have a large and diverse target group, from all kinds of Internet visitors.

Construction and Hosting Website

We are able to create your own website, through a variety of custom themes that we provide. We can also manufacture any web site you wish, based on the needs you want to cover, the prices vary depending on the requirements. In any case, we try to be competitive on our prices. All websites that we manufacture, the host in ultramodern and secure server both in Greece as in Germany and America.

Web site promotion

Either get a web site by our company, or if you already have a web site from another company, we can promote it to the search engines and directories and sub directories around the world. Links & Backlinks.

Greek Business Directory

You venture? You can post in the Greek business directory that we offer, by sending the logo and the informations of your business. You can get more information at


guide to Greece

We inform our visitors that that from the 14th of May our guide "GREEK ISLANDS" will be available for downloading from our website by clicking the button on the top right corner "Download Now".

It is particularly functional because of the small size and weight that it has and is suitable to have it always with you. You can have it in order to help you in your vacations to the Greek Islands.

We encourage you to have it with you not only for the information you can find inside but also because it is FREE of CHARGE against all the other printed annual drivers.

Advertise yourself

We welcome you in another one publication of the tourist driver "Discover Greek Islands". Here, as you already know, you can find information regarding to the promotion of your enterprise either in the internet, or in the printed guide which you can find in the kiosks or by the local agency of type distribution "ARGOS".